Full-service software development
for FinTech and Web3 Projects

We put the finest detail together and refine them down to
the atom

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Atomicon is a full-service software development company for digital transformation from the idea to delivery.
We use a fast flexible development process and provide custom services for Blockchain, Fintech and Banking products.
Our 10 years’ experience and continious cognition in Fintech and DeFi help our clients to reach new levels and be on the Top.

Turnkey projects

Turnkey projects

We can fulfil your entire product development
cycle and bring it to commercial success
in the shortest possible timeframes

Fintech Web3

We have a strong expertise in building high-load services for companies accepting payments, managing transactions, carrying out processing and integrating with third parties or other apps

→ Web and Mobile Development;
→ Develop every stage of a software product from scratch: prototype, MVP, commercial solutions;
→ Deploy any payment system (fiat and crypto);
→ Make an audit and fix a faulty solution or scale efficiency of existing solution;
→ Carry out complex integrations, develop mathematical models and algorithms;
→ Integrate Artificial Intelligence.

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We use your cutting-edge skills in bespoke software development to digitally transform your Web3 project from idea to delivery, with all the bold ideas

→ Strategy, Tokenomics, Rewarding and Earning system (incl. mint, drop, staking)
→ Smart-contract development and audit
→ Back-end development for gas effective smart-contract
→ Web design and development for NFT (collection, marketplace, Metaverse)
→ Issue tokens and integrate crypto wallets or any payment system
→ Blockchain Gaming
→ Community growth plan and implementation

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We can fulfil your entire product development cycle and bring it to commercial success

We understand fintech and highload services on an atomic level–starting with foundational elements and building it into a fully functional app that runs smoothly

We are Atomicon

We help companies and start-ups to create refined, reliable
and multifunctional Fintech and DeFi solutions.

Atomicon team could develop any software from scratch,
be the team extention in ongoing project or
make an audit for ready software.

Our mission