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E-Invoicing Cloud Service

for payment managment

Payment agreggator / Payment

Useful for businesses with a large number of private
contractors to invoice. Also suitable for small businesses
and big e-comm players.

Participating businesses
5 000
Transaction volume per 1 month
$ 100 m
Bills per 1 month
50 m

What It Does & How It Works

  1. Billing (automation of manual contractor billing)
  2. Automatic inspection of incoming payments according to automation rules set up for each trade outlet
  3. Payment notification via API, SMS, messengers
  4. Formation of reports and verification sheets for accounting

Our Part

We developed the frontend, backend and mobile application from scratch, launched the service and grew it into a fully operational business.


Who might be interested in such a solution?

This solution can be integrated in payment aggregator services, banking solutions, accounting automation services and large e-comm players' systems (e.g., vendors and marketplaces).

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