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High-load processing center

for card payments

Bank-based payment acquisition / Preprocessing with a settlement /
mPOS terminal networking

Target Market

Small- and mid-sized businesses that need to accept payments from customers via bank cards using a mobile (mPOS) terminal

mPos terminal
Transaction volume per 1 month
$ 20 m

What It Does & How It Works

  1. Acceptance of card payments, including contactless forms of payment
  2. Preprocessing center undergoes annual PCI DSS Level 1 Certification
  3. Preprocessing routes transactions and prepares information for settlements with all parties to the transaction
  4. Communicates with bank processing centers
  5. Transaction history maintenance
  6. Analytics and report formation

Our Part

We developed the frontend, backend and mPOS terminal software, as well as Android and iOS mobile apps.


Who might be interested in such a solution?

The solution is geared toward small retail outlets, delivery services that need to receive payments via bank 
cards. Fintech companies and banks that wish to create their own network of mPOS/POS terminals will also 
find this solution useful.

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