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QR code-based payment system

for payment aggregator

A QR code-based payment system for the state payment aggregator


Ability to accept payments via QR codes.
Available to all legal entities in the country.

Figures cannot be fully disclosed due to confidentiality;
these numbers are based on our own transactions, by our
own servicity company.

Number of transactions per year
5 m
Transaction volume per year
$ 15 m

What It Does & How It Works

  1. Binding all payments made by private individuals via QR codes to accounts of legal entities 
  2. Conduct QR transaction preprocessing as part of the state payment aggregator: analysis, routing, accounting, service fee calculation 
  3. Provision of API for external payment aggregators

Our Part

Business analysis, software development, testing


Who might be interested in such a solution?

Banks and fintech companies that need to establish a closed-cycle payment system and integrate it in the existing landscape.

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