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Virtual card connected to mobile number

for Mobile Network Operator

Mobile Money

A virtual bank card connected to customers’ mobile phone numbers with higher cashback limits.


To make the smartphone and the card equal tools for the user.
You top up your phone balance, you top up your card balance,
you pay with your phone, money gets charged to your card.

The numbers cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality


What It Does & How It Works

  1. Create a virtual bank card tied to a mobile phone number 
  2. The card and phone account have the same balance. Debits and credits are simultaneously displayed in both accounts 
  3. Convenient addition of funds to the account by any means available in the country 
  4. Preprocessing connects the mobile carrier’s billing system and the bank’s processing center
  5. Preprocessing also performs corrective transactions that arise both on the bank’s side (exchange rate fluctuations), and on the mobile carrier’s side (deferred payments, roaming etc.)

Our Part

We developed the payment and gateway backend as well as the mobile application.


Who might be interested in such a solution?

- Companies using MNVO for payment service creation 
- Retail outlets and restaurants desiring a loyalty program