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National payment service

for the country

Created a national payment service from scratch: preprocessing, payment
aggregator, mPOS/Android POS terminal network

Purpose for B2B

Multifunctional POS terminal: receive payments, perform cash withdrawals and money transfers, send invoices, pay bills

Purpose for B2C

Mobile payment application (electronic wallet), payments, transfers, payment for goods and services

Test transition mockup created
1 month
System assembled and started testing
3 months

What It Does & How It Works

  1. Integration with the payment service gateway of the national bank 
  2. Preprocessing to provide a wide range of services on mPOS/Android POS terminals 
  3. Transaction analysis, routing, processing and accounting

Our Part

We developed the backend, mobile app software (Android, iOS), deployed the system on servers, passed certification and testing phases


Who might be interested in such a solution?

Fintech companies that need to quickly integrate a large number of external services in their product and provide a wide range of functions.

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