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Verification with face recognition

for bank clients

Photo and video selfie
identification for loan scoring


To ensure quick decision-making regarding loans to clients of other banks, without having to visit a bank office in person.

Number of processed selfies to date
300 000
Integration timeframe
1 month
Full project launch
2 months

What It Does & How It Works

  1. The user downloads the app, takes a picture of their passport and makes a video selfie 
  2. Cross-references a person’s passport photo with the video selfie 
  3. Uses AI with anti-spoofing measures to confirm identity 
  4. If identification is successful, the data is saved in the blockchain 
  5. A loan scoring request is sent 
  6. After processing, the user is informed of the bank’s decision via notifications

Our Part

We developed the backend, recognition technologies and software development kit (SDK) for the mobile application


Who might be interested in such a solution?

- Retail establishments wanting to implement a loyalty program 
- Restaurants in need of payment systems 
- Banks and mobile carriers 
- Concierge services and smart home systems 
- Property developers for controlling tenant and maintenance worker access

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